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Caryota mitis (Fischschwanzpalme) Topf Ø35cm Höhe 240cm

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Caryota mitis ( Fischschwanzpalme ) Busch  Topf Ø35cm Höhe 240cm

Name: Lat. mitis = soft
Country of origin: India, Southeast Asia
Resident to cold: -2 °
Maximum growth height: 5 - 10 m
Propagation: Seeds and side shoots
Location: Light Rain
Water needs: more
Nutrient requirements: high-nitrogen fertilizer
Humidity: High An interesting, attractive, Horst fine, bushy-growing kind, all alone with your
The foliage like a tail fin of the fish looks striking. Their tribes are close together
Lying and can reach up to 10cm in diameter. Caryota mitis is widespread in their home
and is used to Hütteneindecken. For us it is like to be happy as well as sophistication and
Bought a potted palm. It is also fully compatible and Sun's robust.


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